The key to running a successful fundraising campaign is persistence- always keep your goal in the forefront of your mind, and never give up on your journey to save lives. Apart from asking for donations, there are so many creative ways to constantly revitalize your fundraising campaign.

You can also check out these simple, straight-forward plans that will help you reach your goal:

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Check out some of our best ideas below:


FOOD FOR FUNDRAISING:  Hosting a dinner party is a great method for fundraising. Put a creative spin on the traditional dinner party and hold a crock-pot cook-off. Ask five friends to make one crock-pot dish, and invite everyone you know to sample each dish and vote on the best one. Charge each attendee $5-$10 towards your fundraising.

SING TO LIFT THE STIGMA:   Ask a friend to borrow a karaoke machine, and host a Karaoke Night with donated food and drinks. Charge each attendee $10 towards your fundraising goal, and enjoy great laughs and good music with friends and family.

CLEAN FOR CONTRIBUTIONS:   Hold a car wash in your neighborhood. Ask some local businesses to donate items you will need for the car wash and get your friends to help. Spread the word about your car wash by sending emails and passing out flyers, and make sure everyone knows that all proceeds will help save lives. You can also help neighbors with yard work or gardening in exchange for a donation.

SAVE THE PLANET TO SAVE LIVES:  Collect bottles and cans from friends and neighbors and cash them in at a recycling center to be used towards your fundraising goal. You can ask people to drop off their recycled items with you, or you can arrange to pick them up.

CHANGE FOR CHANGE:   Decorate some jars and distribute them to your friends and family. Ask them to drop their extra change into the jar at the end of each day, and collect the jars before the Overnight Walk.


SPEAK OUT:   Ask your church, temple, synagogue or local civic organization to allow you to speak about your participation in the event. This is the perfect opportunity to teach people about suicide prevention and raise funds for the cause.

INQUIRE WITHIN SIMILAR INTEREST GROUPS:   Ask your book club members, sports league teammates, knitting group, PTA, sorority or fraternal organization or any social group that you may belong to for a donation.

WORK THE WEB:    Post a message in a chat room or on a site like Craigslist. You can also create a blog, MySpace or Facebook page specific to your fundraising effort. This will help you reach out across the world and potentially collect donations from people you don't even know.