Suicide is the last great health issue of our time.

Suicide takes more lives than war, murder, and natural disasters combined, and yet suicide prevention does not receive anywhere near the funding given to other leading causes of death.

The Out of the Darkness Campus Walks bring together thousands of people who are bridging that gap by raising the money needed to save lives while creating a culture that's smart about mental health.

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Every dollar you raise will help you save the life of a child, a parent, a sibling or a close friend.

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Together, we are leading the fight against suicide

In the last 10 years, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) has grown from a grassroots network of researchers and volunteers into a national movement of chapters in every state. AFSP is also the largest private funder of suicide prevention research, and because we've built the infrastructure to deliver evidence-based programs to local communities across the country, our work impact millions of people. We are consistently ranked one of the best charities for mental health, and we're powered by everyday heroes like you: $5, $20, $100 - every donation helps.

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