Four Ways to Put the Fun in FUNdraising!

Pick all or one of the ways below to bring your fundraising for our cause to the next level.


Activity Tracking

Log activities to help reach your personal, team, and event activity goals! This is a great way to share, ask for pledges, and to be active before and during the event.

Activities are logged in miles, so you can walk, jog, run, cycle, the list goes on and on....

Tell your family and friends that they can also pledge a donation amount based on how many miles you have completed! They just need to click "Pledge" at the beginning of the donation process.

Just log into your account and click Activity Tracking to begin!


This is a super fun way to get your donors engaged and involved in your fundraising journey!

Add a milestone moment, such as:

$50: Watch me eat a jar of pickles on IG Live

$150: I will lip sync to a song on TikTok

$200: I will do 10 cartwheels!

You can edit and/or add milestones at any time.

Just go into "Your Page" and click "Add a Milestone" after logging into your walk account.


Let your donors also be the prize winners!

Send your donors an incentive when they donate a certain amount to you. This does not have to be something you buy for them (although it can be!).

Some ideas:

$10 donation = one of my drawings

$25 donation = a special sticker

$50 donation = a recording of a song I wrote

$100 donation = a scarf knit by yours truly!

Get creative and make it fun! What are your unique capabilities and talents, and how can you turn that into a very special thank you for your donors?

Just go into "Your Page" and click "Add an Incentive" after logging into your walk account.

Live Streaming

Connect a live stream to your personal and/or team fundraising page! See more HERE


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