Three Ways to Put the Fun in FUNdraising!

Pick all or one of the ways below to bring your fundraising for our cause to the next level.




This is a super fun way to get your donors engaged and involved in your fundraising journey!

Add a milestone moment, such as:

$50: Watch me eat a jar of pickles on IG Live

$150: I will lip sync to a song on TikTok

$200: I will do 10 cartwheels!

You can edit and/or add milestones at any time.

Just go into "Your Page" and click "Add a Milestone" after logging into your walk account.


Let your donors also be the prize winners!

Send your donors an incentive when they donate a certain amount to you. This does not have to be something you buy for them (although it can be!).

Some ideas:

$10 donation = one of my drawings

$25 donation = a special sticker

$50 donation = a recording of a song I wrote

$100 donation = a scarf knit by yours truly!

Get creative and make it fun! What are your unique capabilities and talents, and how can you turn that into a very special thank you for your donors?

Just go into "Your Page" and click "Add an Incentive" after logging into your walk account.

Live Streaming

Connect a live stream to your personal and/or team fundraising page! See more HERE


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