Race AFSP 2024

Join us on October 13, 2024



Regardless of what the Chicago Marathon website indicates, all our entries have been taken. Do not try to register for our team unless told to do so by our team captains.

About the Team

“Save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide.”

This is AFSP’s mission statement. AFSP saves lives and provides hope through research, education and advocacy for the prevention of suicide and support to those affected by suicide.
Our Race for Hope team plays its role in those efforts by giving team members the opportunity to combine their athletic pursuits with fundraising for a cause they care about. Since 2010, the team has delivered on this commitment, with many team members raising far above the required fundraising amount. In 2023, just over 200 team members raised more than $500,000 for AFSP.

As a team member you will be part of a network of athletes committed to raising awareness, remembering our loved ones, and reflecting on our own struggles. You will also be demonstrating to others that you have the dedication, perseverance and willingness to sacrifice that are necessary to complete the training for your race. Through your fundraising, you will help raise awareness of suicide and allow those that have lost a loved one to suicide and those that are struggling with suicidal thoughts themselves to know that they are not alone . . . to know that there is hope . . hope for recovery from loss and hope to prevent future suicides.



  • Custom race jersey with your choice of images and text on the back.

  • On-line fundraising page with credit card support.

  • Fundraising tips.

  • Discounted training program through Chicago Area Runners Association.

Please contact us before you register for our team so we can send you a team member agreement.



2024 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Charity Entries

We are sorry, but we have given out all our charity entries for 2024 Chicago Marathon. 

Time Qualifiers, Legacy Runners, Deferrals, Drawing Winners

If you are already registered for the Chicago Marathon because you met their time qualification, have run more than 5 Chicago Marathons in the past 10 years, you have a deferral from a previous year or if you won the drawing, then you can join our team by committing to raise $750 for AFSP. Please contact us before you register for our team so he can send you a team member agreement.


For Additional Information:

Team Contact: raceAFSP@afsp.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RaceAFSP