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Buffalo Walk


Join Me in Supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

It's that time of year again!!

How many years have I participated in the Buffalo Out of the Darkness walk? I think I started with my childhood friend Beth in 2011, so I suppose this will be year ten. Wow. 

That means that for ten years or so I have been raising funds for what I believe to be a cause worth fighting for. As someone who lives with Major Depressive Disorder,  I am fully aware of the impact suicide has on the mentally unwell, as well as those who love them. Suicide is a final and fatal symptom of depression. Speaking from personal experience,  you don't want to get that far. And you don't  have to . 

Help is available, and the AFSP works to provide that help to you. You can reach out to them for answers.  (And, should I know you personally, you can always reach out to me, as well.)

And so, I'm participating in the Out of the Darkness Buffalo Walk to fight suicide and support AFSP's bold goal to reduce the suicide rate 20% by 2025.

Please help me reach my goal by clicking the "Donate" button on this page. All donations are 100% tax deductible and benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), funding research, education, advocacy, and support for those affected by suicide.

Thank you for your support!