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Angela Meng

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Angela Longqiao Meng passed away on Monday, July 18, at the Medical Center of Plano. Her brilliant life was claimed by depression and suicide. She was 22 years old. Angela is survived by her father, Liming, her mother, Ting, and her sister, Diana.

To anyone fortunate enough to know her, Angela was incredibly smart, wickedly funny, defiant, spontaneous, idealistic, and beautiful. She took better care of others than herself, never one to let someone fall through the cracks, always there to support her friends and even strangers she barely knew. We lost count of so many numbers. The number of food deliveries she made for those buried in their studies. The number of nights she lost sleep to console those in distress. The number of times she donated blood because of her rare blood type. The number of people she spoke out on behalf of because they felt unheard. The number of battles she supported for her friends suffering from depression. Yet Angela rarely accepted any of the same kind of help she offered to others for herself. When people remarked on how strong and confident Angela seemed, she always laughed it off. We all wished that Angela saw in herself what everyone else saw – that she could still be strong and confident even if she asked for help. She would have found herself surrounded by so much love, perhaps enough to continue her fight. We wish she knew what she leaves behind – family, loved ones, and so many friends who are devastated and lost without her.

It is the family’s wish to raise awareness about depression by sharing Angela’s story and to continue Angela’s legacy of helping others by establishing a fund in her memory. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. By supporting AFSP, we hope to share the spirit of Angela’s caring and compassion to those she will never have a chance to meet.