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Fight for Life in Memory of Kacy Muzzey Pavlik

A personal campaign sponsored by Cameron Beecy and Ava Pavlik

August 12, 2018


Who: Anyone who is ready to challenge themselves physically and mentally.  All fitness levels are welcome!

What: Outdoor-circuit workout to raise awareness for suicide prevention and funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

When: August 12, 2018 at 9am-11am

Where: Mayo Field A.   Right behind PHIT Performance in Stowe, VT

How to get involved:

1.  Register to participate in the Fight for Life circuit workout with us by emailing Cam Beecy at or Ava Pavlik at and come to the event with your $20 registration fee that will go directly to the AFSP as a donation!

2.  Donate to the AFSP by clicking the blue Donate button above!

3.  If you cannot do either, please share! Our goal is to raise awareness and continue the conversation about suicide prevention.  

Cam's Story:

On August 12, 2009, the world lost a source of energy, joy, and passion.  Kacy Muzzey Pavlik, a personal friend and teammate, died as a result from suicide.  Losing Kacy replaced his joy with pain and a heavy heart.  He is the reason I’m taking on the challenge for suicide prevention awareness with Ava Pavlik as well as provide insight and support for those affected by or considering suicide.

Join Ava and I in taking on this challenge! We will be hosting a challenging outdoor-circuit workout for all ages and all fitness levels. All the funds we raise will impact the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), including 50% going to the local Vermont Chapter.  

The goal of this event is to remind EVERYONE that we are all important and can make a difference in other peoples' lives.

Ava's Story:

I agreed to take on this suicide awareness campaign with Cameron not only because suicide has had a major impact on my life, but because I think that this can truly make a difference. I am passionate about helping the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention spread their message and their name because my brother, Kacy, took his life when he was just thirteen years old. Losing my brother, my best friend, to suicide was nothing other than horrific. I greatly struggled, and still do, with having to live without him. I missed my brother so much that sometimes I even wanted to die, but having my family as a support system helped me through it. As someone who personally knows the devastating effects of suicide and how these forms of support and awareness really can save a life, I strongly encourage you to donate or help in any way that you can. The overall goal of this campaign is to raise awareness about suicide prevention and show to everyone that anyone can make a difference and truly save a life. 


We are amplifying our efforts by partnering with Positive Tracks, an organization that helps young people make change using the power of physical activity.  In addition to supporting us and our effort, Positive Tracks will double the money that we raise for the AFSP up to $1,000!

Ways to Contribute

If you can’t make a donation at this point, help us reach our goal by sharing this event with friends and family! While funds are vital to help the AFSP, the main goal is to raise awareness! Reach out to those whom you think may be interested in participating or contributing and include a link to our page.

THANK YOU for helping us and being a part of this cause!


Cam Beecy & Ava Pavlik