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Peace To Jonghyun

A personal campaign sponsored by Edward Leary

March 8, 2019


Originally starting on December 18th of 2018, this donation page began when fans afflicted by K-Pop Idol Jonghyun’s (Member of SHINee) death. We wanted to do something that made people donate while also receiving something that could comfort them, too. While suicide cannot be fixed overnight, it is something that can be changed for the better, little by little, each and every day.

Originally, a promotion alongside a Korean Cosmetic company and YouTuber ( Kos Allure / Hello Eddi) was started with the belief that “self-care is the first step in making yourself feel good and avoiding the stress that can overwhelm you.” In an attempt to get people motivated to donate, the Korean makeup brand gave every customer a “Stree-Relief” face-mask of their choice by using the code JHPEACE at checkout! In the end, we gathered and donated 20% of  purchases towards a helpful cause with the ASFP. Now, we wanted to let the love and helpful donations continue to flow into the never-ending efforts of AFSP! This page was made so anyone at any time can donate and continue to remember Jonghyun - whether it is during his birthday, group's (SHINee) debut anniversary, the day of his passing, or any day for that matter, fans can always show support.

We personally thank you in advance. :)


-Feel free to donate in private - any amount is helpful and no dollar amount will appear next to your donation. 

-There is no donation goal specifically made for this page because your efforts are endless - do what you can to help in any way you want to help with no pressure.

-Share with your friends in any and every way you can!