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Timothy Brent Robinson

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Timothy Brent Robinson, our dear son, companion, brother, uncle and friend left us unexpectedly on November 21, 2019 at his home.  Tim has struggled with depression and anxiety for many years and finally was overwhelmed by its effects.  It is devastating.  We are trying to figure out how to be better not worse because of Tim's choice. 

Tim was brilliant.   His love of music is an important connection to his siblings and his Mom.  He played the guitar and piano beautifully, he was athletically gifted but was limited for the most important years of his sports life due to a rare cranial bone disease. He loved sports, skateboarding, the outdoors and anything that could be done on a board on the water or snow where he thrilled his family and friends with his stunts.  

One of the funniest humans on the planet earth, Tim also has a heart that touched all who knew him.   He found great joy in helping people.   He served his family and friends often, where he preferred to serve behind the scenes, helping with comfort, counsel, encouragement, financially, love or whatever they needed with no expectation or recognition.  

Because of Tim “We all have been changed for good”.  We are missing his light, humor, compassion and love.