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#BvS4Years Global Charity Watch Party

A personal campaign sponsored by BvS4Years

March 30, 2020


UPDATE: A new phase of the #BvS4Years charity event

Inspired by fan efforts to raise funds for charity through the #BvS4Years live stream charity watch party, Zack Snyder will be delivering the first ever Director's Commentary for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Ultimate Edition, EXCLUSIVELY LIVE on VERO, March 29th at 8am PDT.

We continue to encourage support for our chosen charities during this challenging period of isolation & concern. Now more than ever the important work of non-profit organizations will be key to helping the most vulnerable & marginalized in society.

If you enjoy the Director's Commentary with Zack, and if you have the means, please consider supporting this campaign.

"#PowerfulArt can heal, bring awareness and create change" - Zack Snyder


Previous event.....

A celebration of the 4th Anniversary of this iconic film's Theatrical Release.

During these times of isolation and worry let's come together and connect as a community to celebrate a film that has inspired & touched the lives of so many of us.

Connect to the live watch party stream at:

For further reading about the enduring impact of Zack Snyder's DC Films legacy and the fan community's mental health awareness and suicide prevention advocacy, please visit the official AFSP blog here: