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Dan Dismondy’s Memorial Fund

A personal campaign sponsored by his family


“The only reason uncle Danny went to heaven is because God wants to have a lifelong playdate with him.”  - CC

The kids remember him as being fun.  He was childlike in his playfulness and could always be counted on for his quirky antics.  He was generous and creative. He could fix anything, most often in unconventional ways.  Danny talked to everyone.  He didn’t mince words or put on fronts and often entertained himself by being contrary.  He was authentic, pensive and sensitive.  He was loyal.  He prided himself on being a devoted father and husband, working hard to support his wife and daughter, who were his priority.  He was loved.

Danny is the only one who will never realize how much he is missed.  Please consider a charitable contribution to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, aiming to prevent suicide and alleviating the pain of those dealing with anxiety and depression.