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Ephraim Blair Memorial Fund

A personal campaign sponsored by Bart & Elizabeth Blair


Our beloved Ephraim Landry Elias Blair, age 16, took his own life on January 26, 2021. With no outward warning signs and no indication that he was in any distress, he left this world without saying goodbye; without giving us any indication as to why he found his life unlivable.

The clarity that we have, even in our sorrow, is that suicide is not discriminatory. It can impact any family, anywhere, any time. We are uncertain about what we might have done to prevent Ephraim from taking this action. But we are certain that we must rally around those who are committed to finding ways to prevent tragedies like this one. Whatever the case, it is imperative that we find ways to change the mindset that temporary problems are best solved with permanent solutions.

Please join us in honoring Ephraim's life by making a financial donation that may help another boy like him find a better solution to his unspoken hopelessness.