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A personal campaign sponsored by Luerie Williams

May 2, 2021


Robert is my son's father. After battling depression hi whole life, Bobby couldn't take it any longer. On March 21 he killed himself. I am asking for donations because suicide is a real problem. We need to get a handle on this problem. We need to stand up and help when someone cries out for help. Please I am begging people, if someone calls or texts you please do not tell them you are too busy. It just might be the last time you talk to them. Nothing is more important than life!! Take the time to help someone. WWJD!!! Don't just turn your back on someone who is screaming for help. Call the police if you can't or won't help that person. Do not take a suicide threat lightly. It only takes a minute to call 911.  Take that minute, you just might save a life.