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FishFest V - October 19, 2024

A personal campaign sponsored by Larry & Mary Fish - Music City Metal

October 19, 2024


The Fish family, through our Music Festival, FishFest, seeks to promote a sense of self-worth and healing for youth who write their hearts out in lyrics and song, while striving to raise awareness to the critical issue of a rising suicide rate among youth in Tennessee. The rate among every 100,000 people in Tennessee is a staggering 17.2% which is 3 points higher than the national average of 14.3% in 2019 (Suicide statistics | AFSP ). 

We as a couple (Larry & Mary Fish) lost our friend and roommate, two family members, and two friends to suicide. One life lost is one too many for any family. Our goal is to bring awareness and prevention tools to the metal community and comfort to those who've experienced a loss of any kind. Music can heal one note at a time.

#aloneisnottogether #singplayloud #talksaveslives