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Louis Klinger

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My dad, Louis Klinger, was a natural born storyteller, entertaining a wide circle of friends and family. He could walk into a store and start chatting with a stranger, and an hour later walk out with a new friend. Because he was an accomplished businessman and car dealer, people would seek out his advice on the best choice for a new car (and if they were getting ripped off), how to work a gadget, making investments and more. Some of his favorite times were spent on the open waters at the helm of a boat, or in the driver's seat of a two-door car with the top down. His life was cut too short at 63 due to a long battle with depression and anxiety, and a terrifying side effect of psychiatric drugs, akathisia. This condition can cause a person such inner restlessness and agitation that the sufferer is driven to suicide. My family, his friends and I are committed to honoring my dad by spreading the word about this condition and remembering him during his good times, with a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face.