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24 Hour Walk Out Of the Darkness

A personal campaign sponsored by Ann & Megan Brennan


Over the past year Meg and I have both made walks through the darkness of depression.  We understand just how hard this journey is and our hearts go out to those whose loved ones have lost the battle.  

As we have walked through our own struggles we have been approached on almost a daily basis by others who have walked through the darkness or lost someone who suffered with depression. Everyday hundreds of people worldwide lose their battle with depression.  People suffer alone when the truth is they are not alone.  

Last year we completed the Overnight Walk Out of the Darkness.  This year we are unable to attend but it did not sit well with us to let this time of year go by without standing up for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  We have decided to create out own walk out of the darkness.

On July 3 at 4am, we will begin a 24-hour walk through the Laurel Highlands.  We expect to walk about 60 miles over the 24 hour period with only the support of friends and family along the route.  This sounds like a lot of work but the truth is the real work comes in raising funds for this cause that is so dear to our hearts.  

That is where you come in. We are asking our friends and family to please donate to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention through this page. In addition, please share our page with your friends and family.  Please help us to bring depression and suicide out of the darkness.