AFSP partners with incredible companies and organizations who are engaging their customers and networks in raising funds and awareness of AFSP'S mission. Check out some of our featured partners leading consumer-activated campaigns!


Novara is a revolutionary skincare company that seeks to redefine beauty through a powerful connection with mental health and emotional well-being. They have embraced a vision where beauty intertwines with compassion and purpose, creating a harmonious blend of self-care and social responsibility. Bringing time-honored ingredients from beauty rituals around the world, Novara celebrates the variations of beauty that shine through each of us and brings confidence, radiance, and joy to all people.

TwinFlame Creations is a candle company that aims to shine a light on Mental Health Awareness. They have an 'Affirmation Collection' which encourages uplifting self-talk and positive affirmations, promoting a healthy mindset. TwinFlame Creations has pledged to donate 3% of all sales to two mental health organizations, including AFSP's Philadelphia Chapter.

Sweetheart Scents is a candle company with a mission to make a positive impact. Their refillable and personalized candles bring warmth and joy to your home while igniting positive change. As advocates for mental health, they're introducing their upcoming Mental Health Jars, with 3% of profits directly supporting AFSP. But that's not all- when you choose Sweetheart Scents, regardless of which products you select, 3% of all profits can be donated to a charity dear to your heart (including AFSP). Join them in illuminating lives, spreading happiness, and supporting mental health awareness with every purchase. 

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Spiritual Gangster is thrilled to announce the relaunch of their collaboration with Peloton instructor and mental health advocate, Kendall Toole. 5% of the proceeds from this line will support AFSP, an organization for which Kendall feels very passionately.

At Raging Ostrich, we believe in embracing individuality. We are a company that celebrates and values self-expression. We firmly believe that mental health should be de-stigmatized and we are proud to donate 50% of all our proceeds to AFSP.

At Pop Fiction Parlor, we strive to be a one stop shop for all things nerdy. Our lives have been impacted by suicide in the past, so we are proud to support a cause that can help those struggling with mental health. Every year we donate 1% of our sales to our local AFSP Alabama Chapter.

Giftiply is a sustainable gift-giving brand with non-profit donations and awareness at its core. Offering artistically curated, 100% recyclable products that benefit a variety of causes and foundations, including AFSP. Giftiply provides an opportunity to give back while wrapping gifts or sharing a holiday greeting. Click the logo to the left to see AFSP's spotlight on Giftiply's website.


The Happiness Project is a clothing brand with the mission to elevate happiness throughout the world while supporting those impacted by mental health issues. The Happiness Project believes that no one should go through their journey alone and that it's okay to not be okay. In striving towards their goals, The Happiness Project is donating 15% of all net profits to AFSP. Click the logo on the left to check out their shop and support this mission.

Mental Health Over Everything is an online clothing and accessories store that will be launching soon. 10% of all profits from their store will benefit AFSP's National Capital Area Chapter. There is no minimum for donation. Check back here soon for MHOE's store link!


DJ Kaivon is donating 15% of proceeds from his merch which says "You Are Not Alone." The merchandise is available at shows throughout his US Tour and on his website (linked on the logo to the right).

Former Bachelor Clayton Echard has partnered with luxury athletic menswear brand Leovici on a special clothing line from which 100% of proceeds will be donated to AFSP. Both Clayton and Leovici are dedicated to mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Click the image to the left to read more and shop.