Create Custom Shirts with Bonfire!

Gear up for the Out of the Darkness Walks with your own custom t-shirts! Not only will you look great on walk day, but net proceeds raised from every shirt you sell will go towards your fundraising total for the Walk. 

Bonfire will help you to create a design, launch your t-shirt fundraiser and share the link with your family and friends. They will then print and ship all items purchased directly to your supporters in time for walk day - while all funds raised get accredited to your main fundraiser. 

Please note, portals to create shirts close a few weeks before your Walk date.

Click below to get started designing shirts, register for a Walk, or read about Bonfire's incentives promotion!


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Incentives Through Bonfire

For the 2023 fall Community Walks season, Bonfire will collaborate on an incentive fulfillment opportunity for all Walk participants that create custom t-shirts through Bonfire.  All claimed incentive items will be fulfilled by Bonfire.

If a participant creates a t-shirt fundraising campaign on Bonfire and sells 11 or more items prior to their event day, the participant may choose between a free notebook or tote bag featuring a custom design provided by the participant.  Bonfire will coordinate with the participant directly to facilitate the ordering of their chosen gift.

This is a promotion through Bonfire only and does not correspond to the Out of the Darkness Community Walk fundraising incentives

This is only for those who create shirts through Bonfire!