Suicide Can Be Prevented

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  • Last year, more members of the armed forces died by suicide than in combat, with almost one suicide per day among active duty military.

  • Studies are showing that over 40% of US soldiers returning home from Iraq or Afghanistan suffer from a mental disorder or behavioral problem.

  • The Veterans Administration (VA) estimates that 22 veterans die by suicide every day and as many
    as 950 suicide attempts occur each month among veterans receiving services through the VA. 

  • An estimated 20% of all suicide deaths in the U.S. are among veterans.

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AFSP has made suicide prevention for the military and veterans a priority. We believe our country needs to ensure that veterans and military personnel are supported by the government, private sector and voluntary not-for-profit organizations like AFSP. To fulfill this responsibility we need the help of donors and supporters like you.

As with suicide prevention in the general public, prevention within the military community is complex and sometimes can seem daunting, but prevention is possible. We must do more to stop this tragic loss of life.
I hope you will join me and thousands of other Americans in thanking veterans, military personnel and their families by donating to AFSP so we can continue to provide them with the support they so greatly deserve.

Thank you,

Robert Gebbia
Executive Director