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1st Annual Joe Fehr Memorial Soccer Game

A personal campaign sponsored by Team Joe Fehr Family

June 18, 2022


Joey, we wish we could be celebrating your life, with you, in person ... maybe at your college graduation, your engagement, your wedding, your retirement ... but we aren't. Life is full of many choices but some things you don't get to choose. You sure didn't choose to get an illness or how and when your life ended.  You loved life and it showed in everything you did & who you were.

We wish everyone could have known you...Joseph, Joey, Joe Bo, Joe.  You had a contagious smile that lit up your entire face - with its dimples, the crinkles in the corners of your eyes, the smile lines that fell off your face... it lit up each room you walked into and the countless people's lives that you touched - your family, your girlfriend, friends, teammates, teachers, adults, people you just met.

You loved life more than anybody we know. You appreciated every thing about it, and you didn't want or ask for much. You were comfortable in torn white soccer shorts, an old soccer or Nebraska football tee, probably with holes, and of course, barefoot. You played soccer all the time and did everything you could to be a better person. You read and highlighted self-help books, and journaled what you were thankful for and ways to change the world.

You did everything to the fullest.  You were SO passionate - about soccer, entrepreneurship, learning, your family, your friends and the love of your life.

Time at the lake - South Bend, Grand Lake or a friend's cabin - was a favorite.  Every second counted and everyone was special to you.  Everybody wanted to do whatever Joe was doing - which was always a lot! - because you made it fun.  Those around you made you happy while you also brought us together.  You knew that together we were stronger.

Your smart brain and beautiful, loving heart touched so many people's lives. You made many of us better because we knew you.  "Genuine" is the word so many people used to describe you - and you were goofy, kindhearted, caring, hard working and always happy.  You had incredible plans for the future and you would have done many things to make the world a better place.

We miss you more every second of everyday - you are so loved and will be such a big part of our lives forever.

Thank you to everyone for supporting us.  Joseph was and always will be an inspiration to all who knew him... Make people happy, help people and love life . . .                                        Please #livelikejoe