DIY Events & Fundraisers 

Each year, countless numbers of individuals and organizations from around the world plan an event or activity to support the mission of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). AFSP’s online fundraising program helps you combine your personal interests and passions with your commitment to raise money for suicide prevention and awareness.

Participants in this program create personalized fundraising web pages in support of an event or individual pursuit. Each individual event is hosted independently and oversight is provided by AFSP. Please review AFSP's DIY Event Guidelines before creating your fundraising campaign. 

Fundraisers are invited to create a customizeable webpage in one of three categories:

Endurance - Run a marathon, bike across the country, participate in a triathlon—work up a sweat for AFSP.

Create Your Own - From throwing a dinner party to playing a concert or having a board game night—the possibilities for giving are endless. If you plan it, they will give.

Birthday Fundraiser - Celebrate your birthday with AFSP!


Every dollar you raise will help AFSP to create a world without suicide.