Hawaii Hike for Hope - 2024

Join us on June 1, 2024

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Welcome to Hawaii Hike for Hope - 2024

Event Details

Date: Climb or Hike anytime between June 1-30
Location: Trail of Your Choice

For more information, please contact:
Contact Name: Annisa Budiman 
Contact Email: annisaputrib@gmail.com


Why I Hiked:

Your hike can heal.

Your hike can give hope to those who are struggling.

Your hike can help reduce the stigma around suicide.

Your hike can highlight the importance of mental health. 


Join our Hike for Hope Hawaiʻi (H4H) in June as we come together to support AFSP’s mission to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide. Let’s hike to raise awareness around suicide prevention and change our culture’s approach to mental health. Your participation is meaningful and it matters.



  1. Register & build your team:

Register your team with a donation of $25+. Print and fill out your AFSP's "Why I Hike" sign to take on your hikes in the month of June. The larger your team, the more chances of winning a prize.

     2. Take a hike and post:

When you go for a hike, take a photo with your AFSP's "Why I Hike" sign and post on your social media by tagging @afsphawaii and #HikeforHopeHI.

     3. Submit your photo:

We will be posting 4 weekly photo challenges. When you complete them all, make a collage using AFSP HI's digital photo frame and submit to Hawaii@afsp.org to win a prize by June 30th. Only registered participants are eligible for the prize. We will announce winners at the end of the month.

     4. Raise awareness:

The AFSP Hike for Hope is an event that combines the joy of hiking with a crucial cause: raising awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. This event is part of AFSP's efforts to foster connection, generate important conversations, and raise funds for suicide prevention in local communities. Join us and show others how you inspire hope and spread hope!



Weekly prompts for your photo participation:


Week #1 Picture: Take a photo of you and a Sunset view after completing the 5 Senses Exercise. How can you do the 5 senses exercise? Notice 5 things you see, 4 things you hear, 3 things you smell, 2 things you feel, and 1 thing you taste.


Week #2 Picture: Take a photo of you and an Ocean view after doing 4 rounds of Box Breathing. What does Box Breathing look like? Breathe in through your nose and count to 4; Hold your breath for a count of 4; Exhale for a count of four; Hold your breath for a count of four. Repeat.


Week #3 Picture: Take a photo of you and a Sunrise view after completing your morning body scan. Here’s how you perform a body scan: Get comfortable. Close your eyes and begin with a few deep breaths. Start at the top of your body and move down, focusing on each part. Breathe into any tension you feel. Scan your entire body. Finish at your feet.


Week #4: Take a photo of you and your crew at your favorite view finishing strong with high fives!

Submit your completed 4-week challenge photo collage using the “I Hiked for Hope!” frame to Hawaii@afsp.org by June 30

Show others how you inspire hope and spread hope! 

Meet our Board Members!

Please join us for a hike at Aiea Loop on June 19th, 2024 at 1pm. To RSVP please email Annisa Budiman, annisaputrib@gmail.com