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Dawnie's 50th Birthday Fundraiser

A personal campaign sponsored by Dawn-Marie Dalsass

October 15, 2022


My birthday is October 10th which is also World Mental Health Day.  I share my birthday with two others in my family.  Of the 3 of us: after being on anti-depressants off and on from the time I was 18, I had my suicide completely planned out in 2009 but fortunately stopped myself when it came down to it.  My cousin's son actually attempted suicide in 2011 but fortunately was saved by his mother (my cousin).  And unfortunately the last of us with the October 10th birthday decided it was his time in 2016.  What are the chances that all 3 of us have the same birthday, in the same family and suffered from the stress, anxiety and depression (S.A.D) that brought us to the lowest of lows while having a tight knit family full of support?

This is why, as a survivor of S.A.D I want to celebrate big for my 50th birthday and make a difference.  I want to help others by raising funds over the next 6 months for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  

This year, I'm celebrating life with my family and friends and wrapping up this fundraiser with a Headbangers Ball Themed Birthday Bash & Concert featuring Lost Angeles a Hair Metal Tribute Band, on October 15th at the Château Resort & Conference Center.

I wish I could have everyone join in person for the event but the party room I'm renting is just too small. So, to make sure I can include a few hundred more in my celebration, I'll be streaming the event live through Livelihood Spirit Balance, my business that focuses on helping others battle S.A.D.  I even have a program called From S.A.D Ass To B.A.D Ass™  to help others become "Balanced, Aware and Dynamic" - a B.A.D Ass like me! 

I’m asking everyone that instead of gifts for my birthday, that donations are made to this fundraiser.  I do hope you will join me in this years celebration and fundraising effort. The world seems to need it more now then ever.  I really appreciate your contributing to and sharing my fundraiser.  

Thank you and God Bless
Dawn-Marie (AKA Dawnie)