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Leave A Light On (Talk Away The Dark)

A personal campaign sponsored by Papa Roach


Our band has talked a lot about mental health since the beginning of our career. It's been the topic of countless songs, and in being able to travel the world and see all of you, there’s no greater feeling than when somebody says “your music saved my life.” 


This cause is extremely important to us, So we wanted to give back. We've re-released our song "Leave A Light On" with a new purpose - to save lives and help those affected by Suicide.  It's now and forever, "Leave A Light On (Talk Away The Dark)" in support of the AFSP's "Talk Away The Dark" campaign, teaching all how to have a conversation that could save a life. 

Every time the song is steamed, downloaded, performed, or consumed in any way, a donation is made to the AFSP, in perpetuity. Stream now, here:

This campaign for us started on "The Revolutions Live Tour" with our friends Shinedown and Spiritbox, which resulted in a donation being made made in name of each show - Our initial donation of $155,000 is just the start of the work we wish to do on behalf of this important cause. 

For anyone that’s in the dark, we want you to always know...

You are not alone, and we will always leave a light on for you.


Jacoby, Tobin, Jerry, and Tony

Papa Roach

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