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Sarah’s older sister Becky died by suicide unexpectedly in January 2016, in the midst of Phantogram’s recording of the album Three. Becky was a hero, a rock star. She was so special to everybody. She was that person in everybody’s life who was a shining star. She had the power to influence people – and she was absolutely hilarious. Becky was a best friend to both Sarah and Josh, and the three of them would just laugh and laugh and laugh together. It’s strange how somebody so funny and so beautiful can be dealing with a lot of sadness and depression deep down.

Phantogram returned to the studio with a renewed sense of energy, fueled by both anger and sadness. Finishing Three was cathartic and therapeutic, even painful at times – but completely necessary. This pain still lingers today as they struggle each day with understanding why Becky died by suicide. This sense of loss and confusion drives Sarah and Josh to use their voices as a platform to help prevent this tragedy from happening to others – both those who struggle with suicidal thoughts, and those, like Sarah and Josh, who can be left behind by suicide.

Today, and every day, we’re reminded of the opportunity each one of us has to make a difference in someone else’s life – whether it’s reaching out to someone who needs help, getting care yourself, or supporting organizations on the frontlines of saving lives. We’re donating $1 per ticket from most of our upcoming shows to AFSP, but we’d love for you to support the cause if you’re not able to catch us at one of the venues. Help us prevent suicides and celebrate the lives of those we love - we're looking forward to you joining us on this journey.