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George Michael's Legacy of Hope

A personal campaign sponsored by The George Michael Legacy Project, Inc. (GMLP, Inc.)


You have the power to say,

"This is not how my story will end."


Many individuals, including George Michael, face depression or other mental illness in a lifetime. There is no one path or cure to address mental illness. Each person needs individual consultation and a healing plan. But we believe the first step is to seek help so you can be yourself. There are many available resources here at AFSP for support. The GMLP, Inc. Nonprofit's purpose and mission, George's message of Charity, is to join the fight against suicide & eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness. 

We've established this tribute in George's memory for his compassion to all affected. In his private way, which was his only way, believed that change would come if we united in dispelling the stigma of mental illness.

Through GMLP social media platforms and projects, we have assisted in sharing AFSP's message by facilitating the dialogue of eliminating the stigma surrounding suicide globally.                    

We Thank you for your support and for being a partner in hope.

Sallyann, Jo, Kelly & Ann