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Zachary Jenkins Memorial Fund

A personal campaign sponsored by Caleb Jenkins


In memoriam, Zachary Nicholas Jenkins, born on July 18, 1993, in Clinton, MD, and departed from us on December 10, 2023. An esteemed Eagle Scout and alumnus of the Class of 2011, Zachary's quiet and contemplative demeanor masked a profound and thoughtful character that greatly influenced all fortunate enough to know him.

Survived by his parents, Paul and Tina Jenkins, partner Omosalewa Akintilo, and large family including siblings Matthew Jenkins, (Elizabeth Jenkins), Melissa Jenkins, Ryan Jenkins, Joseph Jenkins, Caleb Jenkins, Patrick Jenkins, Phillip Jenkins, Jeremiah Jenkins, Noah Jenkins, and Joshua Jenkins. His expansive family circle further extended to nieces and nephews - William, Sophia, Samuel, and Cecelia.

Zachary found a deep connection with his extended family, including Father Joseph Jenkins, Daniel Jenkins, Michael Jenkins, Lena Jenkins, Helen Surfus, Patrick Surfus, Kelly Pagliocchini, Anita Pagliocchini, and Patrick Pagliocchini, along with a multitude of cousins. In his passing, he reunites with those who preceded him, including grandparents Joseph Jenkins, Lena Jenkins, Joseph Pagliocchini, Peggy Pagliocchini, uncles John Jenkins, Timothy Pagliocchini, brother Lucas Jenkins, and nephew George Jenkins.

Zachary's understated disposition belied a rich tapestry of interests, encompassing music, cosplay, board games, and a passion for travel. The meticulous preservation of handwritten special occasion cards bore witness to his appreciation for meaningful connections. Board game nights, marked by his contemplative expressions, reflected his dedication to the shared joy of camaraderie.

A skilled craftsman, Zachary's talents extended beyond the ordinary. His work ethic was a testament to his commitment to excellence in all aspects of life.

A connoisseur of live music, a culinary enthusiast, and an avid consumer of comics and manga, Zachary's multifaceted interests were emblematic of his diverse passions. His distinctive quirks, intellectual acumen, and compassionate nature rendered him an irreplaceable presence. Revered by friends as a sage, Zachary was recognized for his wisdom and unique insights.

Zachary's eloquent expressions of romance, dulcet tones, infectious laughter, expressive gaze, and heartwarming smile constitute indelible facets of his legacy. A man of pride and devotion, he leaves behind a profound impact on those who had the privilege of sharing in his company.

In commemorating Zachary, let us reflect upon the singular and extraordinary essence of his being. May his memory endure in the recesses of our hearts, and may he find eternal serenity and peace.

In light of the tremendous response, we have decided to raise our goal to $4,000