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Rodney Raymond Bradley II Memorial

A personal campaign sponsored by Bradley Family


Our mother once told us that the greatest gift she ever gave her children was one another. That was certainly true because Little Rodney was a gift to our family and to everyone he knew and loved. He had a mischievous grin and a twinkle in his eye that inspired smiles everywhere. Little Rodney knew how to read people & his compassion was endless – when he saw someone else struggling, he would stop, listen and do his best to encourage and comfort. He loved making people laugh especially when he thought someone needed it.
Little Rodney was a dreamer. He was forever searching for ways to improve processes, think of new inventions or ways to improvise. As a child, Little Rodney was fascinated with how things worked. He’d spend hours tinkering with gadgets and dismantling small appliances. We found SO many things taken apart in our dad’s garage – from VCR’s to a jambox, even our sister's motorized Barbie jeep.
As an adolescent, Little Rodney started getting depressed. There were sleepless nights filled with heart wrenching sobs where our mother would console & love him back to a hopeful place. Unfortunately, he began self-medicating with drugs/alcohol trying to find a solution to dull his daily pain, but these intoxicants only made his condition worse. Rodney eventually agreed to try a wilderness rehab program & opted for an extended stay at Sober College where he picked up various relaxation & meditation techniques to calm his mind. Little Rodney stayed sober for a year (to the day) as he’d promised he would. He spent the last several years at our parent’s home.Our father knew Rodney struggled with insomnia and couldn't slow his mind at times, so he gave Rod small projects to keep his hands & mind busy. As you wander the house and yard, you see where he left handprints of those efforst everywhere - on the balcony, in the garage, by the gate and gazebo. He absolutely loved their property, the lake and island; he’d spend hours walking the grounds and looking out over the water. Despite his continued bouts of depression, he was quick to help those around him. When his niece received a playscape for her birthday, he spent hours assembling it. The past couple of months he spent helping our younger sister Gillian cut a music demo.
Little Rodney was the most affectionate brother and son. He always gave us hugs and NEVER got off the phone without saying, "I love you."
On Sunday September 21, 2014 Rodney ended his battle with depression by taking his own life. We find comfort knowing Jesus has set him free from his mental agony and that we will see him again one day.
We want to honor Rodney’s life by starting this Memorial Fund to a non-profit organization specializing in effective treatment and crisis intervention for those who struggle with depression, mental illness, or thoughts of suicide so they will not go through it alone.
Our family asks that you consider supporting this cause in honor of Rodney's struggle.
Shane, Heather, Shanna, Rebecca, Rachael, Roy, Grant & Gillian (Rodney’s siblings)
Little Rodney – we are hugging you in our hearts.